Message from KayAKDIY

Here at KayakDIY we want to provide you with the best quality content and products available. If you find a kayak product that we don't have and you want it message us and we will work with our wholesalers to have it available within the week and in store!  We partnered with multiple wholesalers via Amazon in order to provide quality products at high quantities.  This also has allowed us to provide fast and reliable shipping to our customers! We specifically look for products that are affordable and top quality with excellent customer reviews as well as those that have gained liking by the KayakDIY community.  By purchasing through us you know you are getting products that were heavily researched and found to be of high quality and popularity.  If we wouldn't paddle it, pedal it, or attach it to our kayak, or trust it with our life we definitely wouldn't sell it!  So shop with peace of mind and if you have suggestions as to how we can serve you better in the future please message us!  


Justin Lammers, CEO

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