Current Fundraising Projects

Sioux Falls Whitewater Park

We are currently assisting in the fundraising project set forth in Sioux Falls, SD United States.  There aren't any whitewater parks in this region of the midwest United States and the great people of Sioux Falls, SD are currently trying to fundraise and seek donations to get the project underway.  

At the moment you can help in 3 ways
1.Go to Green Button and Donate a Quick $20 towards the project using Paypal
2.  Go to White Button and Visit The Projects Official Website and make a Donation large ($1,000) or small ($10). 
3.Visit The Project's Facebook Page and Show Support Simply By "LIKING" the page! 

.  Anything you do to help is greatly appreciated.  It is important to fund these projects so our future generations enjoy more of the outdoors.  Today's generation has a high risk of addiction to technology and unhealthy lifestyles.  It is important to foster the love of the outdoors and projects like this help do just that.  Thank you in advance for any donation you choose.